HMRC are about to require all VAT registered businesses file their VAT returns electronically. 

This means that the online form filing will be removed.

Here, you will find the best solution to filing electronically, without having to make any changes to your underlying accounting system. 

Whether you use an old accounting system, or spreadsheets, or a new accounting system that has no HMRC capability - the BusinessGT system offers you a very swift, easy to operate, and inexpensive solution.



More power than the police:

More draconian than the courts:

Very difficult to talk to:

Here is an easy way of dealing with HMRC requirements.

The BusinessGT system also provides the European reports - if you use the Sales and Purchase Invoicing options in the Accounting system.


We are adding the VAT Margin scheme, and Agent/ Auctioneer and VAT Global margin schemes.


Currently, there is a one year "soft landing" period that the HMRC have introduced into the MTD VAT requirements.  

This means that by no later than April 2020 (for some October 2020) your system does not have to fully comply with the rules - which will be:

  • Your accounting solution must produce your VAT return electronically, from the data it holds. 

  • Your solution can comprise of multiple systems - but the transfer of data between them must not include any copy and pasting or hand input. Transfers of data must be by API or automated file transfer (e.g. csv) and auto updated. 

  • Your system must keep electronic copies directly linked to the sales/purchase record - or you will still have to keep physical copies of invoices. 

You will need to keep copies of any adjustments to the return that you make.

Right now, if your business is either a standard or a cash accounting VAT payer then BusinessGT has the right option for you, to file your VAT return.


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